Hi, nice to have you around, welcome to my personal blog!

What I do: I work as a marketeer and have a passion for health food and traveling to that one special place where you feel like your ‘on top of the world’. A decadent diner once in a while makes me very happy. With a good glass of wine. Preferably in Singapore or Paris, wake me up at night for a trip like this. I love to cook and discovering new recipes is a habit. Like an exotic chiaseed pudding – yes birds also eat this, but it’s just a protein rich meal – and a banana bread which you can eat every day and will slim your body (YES!). After giving thousands advice about food and traveling, I decided to put all my favorites, adventures and tips on this blog.

For who it is: People who love a bit of luxury and go for quality. Who through the week eat healthy, so they don’t need to think of an excuse to enjoy all the nice pleasures from a fresh bakery during the weekend. Since, if you enjoy, you do it well. If you worry if the sugars turn into gaining weight and if you still fit your favorite costum next week, problem solved: choose one of my lifestyle programs.

Why is it special: I haven’t discovered the ‘ab fairy’ yet, it’s about what we eat, how we create and continue an active lifestyle what fits your life and take care of enough rest. My abs were born with mainly my nutrition combinations or probably these abs were hiding out there, it’s no secret that abs are made in the kitchen. This is your chance to balance your lifestyle and control your eating pleasures during the weekend. Most important of all, with a lot of energy as a result. By eating nice food in many variations. With a lot of veggies. First get rid of your toxins in stage one, from that point it’s a lot easier. With a bunch of recipes you haven’t seen before. After years of research and weight of +/- 5 kilo, I’ve found the solution. I wanted you to experience this as well, so I’ve made a program of it. You follow this online program at home with products from your local grocery or marketing. Are you traveling soon? Check my favorites, maybe you’ll find a tip to make your journey even more special.

How does it work: You choose a starting date and program which fit your budget. On the starting day, you’ll receive an e-mail with all informatie to start. You do you’re own shopping, with the instructions you follow the easy to make recipes and eat (together with your family) a responsible and varied meal guaranteed. Even more important, that you have a satisfied feeling through the day. So you’re able to control you’re food cravings and beet them 😉

Your next step: Choose a program you like most. Or, sign up for my newsletter. Take a look on this website, read an article and follow me on social media for more behind the scenes stories. Not up for a lifestyle program? No worries, dream away with a beautiful trip or make one of the recommended recipes. Inspiring you with a active healthy lifestyle, so you can live a healthy life that’s what I love to do. How? That’s up to you!


Everybody deserves a great body.

Happy Happy Juliet


Kindly note: that the video below is in Dutch (and soon will receive the English subtitle, working on that, check ::)